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    Lion Copolymer

Lion Copolymer is a manufacturer of synthetic rubber products including ethylene propylene diene monomer (“EPDM”) and   styrene-butadiene-rubber (“SBR”) Invested 2007

Geismar Services

Geismar Services is an operator of steam generation facilities and supplier to industrial users in Geismar, LA Invested 2007 / Exit 2010

 excel logo

Excel Polymers is a supplier of performance elastomer solutions with a comprehensive portfolio of compounded polymer materials, performance additives and technical know-how Invested 2006 / Exit 2010


Advanced Polypropylene Co.

Advanced Polypropylene is a developer and operator of polypropylene production facility in Saudi Arabia Invested 2004

Vinmar International

Vinmar International is a global distributor of chemicals and polymers with revenues in excess of $4.5 billion Founded 1978


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